projects / Ábalos Sentkiewicz website

Capabilities: Project direction, UI - UX design.

  • Client: Ábalos Sentkiewicz
  • Indusatry: Architecture. Design.
  • Year: 2015


AS was founded by Iñaki Ábalos and Renata Sentkiewicz and is one of the most recognized studios in Spain. The activity of his studio is not only to build, but also publishing, to do pedagogy and conferencing across the world. This project was made with the collaboration of graphic designer and also architect rafamateostudio.

Client brief
The featured requirement was to generate a new site not only with a modern and meaningful design, but also with the right structure in terms of SEO.

The challenge
To point out the whole activity of the studio, from publishing books to designing and building across the world.

The Solution
We propose a flat hierarchy of contents based on two main blocks, projects and research. All this type of contents is mixed in the home and user should filter using different criteria. By organizing the structure like this, we are able to make the whole picture of the studio, from designing and building to writing, publishing and teaching.