projects / Eurekakids, e-commerce website

Capabilities: Art direction, UI - UX design.

  • Client: Multiplo-x. Creative e-business
  • Year: 2012


Eurekakids is a toy shop with high standards of quality products. I was contracted by the Barcelona Agency to rethink and redesign the complete eCommerce site. We were involved about 6 months, re-shaping the content architecture, the user interface and the whole new look&feel guide.

Client brief
The Agency was asked by the client to get involved in an holistic project, from design to IT development. The main goals were: 1. To transmit magic feelings related to childhood universe and also to inspire confidence related to quality toys of the brand. 2. To define a clear product catalog architecture. 3. To shape clear and simple UI 4. Finally, as a eCommerce site, the clients wanted to speed up the conversion rate of the complete site.

The challenge
By relaunching the new site the client wanted to transmit positive values and also to increase -according to the nature of this project- the selling of his global eCommerce.

The process
We worked on an iterative definition process by presenting low fidelity prototypes with the company CEO, eCommerce consultants and company stakeholders. The main problem was to get the right balance between an organized and meaningful product catalog architecture and an eCommerce platform with ongoing promotions, dozens of featured products, different types of sales etc.

The solution
In terms of content architecture, the solution is based on structured landing pages of categories and campaigns, always organized by 3 concepts: ages, prices and brands. The UI has 3 featured elements: a very big and visual menu on top of the page, a visual gallery linked to campaigns and a secondary accordions menu in the sidebar.

Three months after the first release, the company had improved his sellings results of about 150%.