projects / IE School of Architecture and Design website

Capabilities: Project direction. UI - UX design.

  • Client: IE School of Architecture & Design
  • Year: 2013


IE Business School and his sibiling IE School of Architecture & Design has some of the most prestigious master and post graduate titulations in Europe. They asked to the Graphic designer and architect Rafa Mateo and for me to design and build the new site for the Architecture & Design School. The site was productive between 2013 and 2016.

Client Brief
This project was the first relase of the Architecture and design School web. Before launching this site, they published the academic course brochures in the IE general site. The clients ask us to define the complete visual style of the site and to shape a new content architecture. The site’s target was clear: international young architects and designers. In addition to this, the year 2013 The School hadn’t yet incorpored in his websites a responsive and mobile first aproach. We obviously propose a responsive site for this project.

The challenge
By thinking in the product and its service, we had to create a right tool for getting connect future students with academic and marketing department. In terms of art direction and design, the challenge was, not only to communicate confidence but also inspiring creativity to the course’s target.

The solution
We did an important research in terms of understanding the state of the art for this kind of sites. We focus in the NYC Parsons School of Design content architecture because his coherent and logical way of modulating the contents.
As a conclusion, we were able to simplify the huge amount of contents and, at the same time, to design an acttractive site. The site was published three years and it was the main marketing and communication tool for the School during this period.