projects / Jamgo, tecnological cooperative

Capabilities: Identity design - Art direction - UI - UX design.

  • Client: Jamgo sccl
  • Indusatry: Technology. Cooperative
  • Year: 2014


Jamgo is a technological cooperative based in Barcelona and is focused in design and develop applications and web environments. The main mantra for the company is working for a more sustainable and fair technology. I’m partner and worker of Jamgo since 2014.

Client Brief
The project had three main scenarios: the first one, was to create a new brand identity. The second one, was to create a complete strategy for communicating the company message and finally, the third scenario was to rethink the complete web site by using the new identity and the new type of contents.

The Challenge
Jamgo asked for creating something different from the classic style of tech companies, and a consistent brand identity based in “cooperative” values and to create a corporative product site, keeping in mind this values but also the broad and different kind of clients of the company.

The Solution
Brand Identity: The logotype was created by using the family font Kabel with some modifications. I propose a very bold logo in order to express strength. The palette colours were based on sand and red tones and the complete aim was to articulate something fresh and vigorous.

Website: apart from the product portfolio and the service areas, we launch a blog and a team section with a short description of everyone. The idea was to bring up the contents created by the people of the company in order to transmit horizontally and the strength of the team.

The selected font was Roboto Slab because its legibility. This font has a certain 70’s dynamic style -geometric and ornamental- that provides or express a feeling of kindness and modernity

The front-end was built up with Foundation library and the back office system was made using WordPress.