projects / El Viejo Topo. Magazine and news site

Capabilities: UI - UX design - Front end developement

  • Client: Editorial Montesinos
  • Indusatry: Editorial
  • Year: 2016


El Viejotopo is a historic left wing politics magazine from Spain. His first release was in the 70’s and after 40 years is still published in a bi mensual print magazine. El Viejotopo has a big amount of readers in Spain an America and this project aims to get them as a reader and supporters in the online platform.
Jamgo was asked to do this project by the El Viejotopo editor.

Client brief
The client wants to create his online platform from zero. The client is committed to publish at least one article per day. These articles are published in the magazine blog and they should create a new community of readers.

The business model of this project is based on selling online the print magazine and also on getting online subscriptions.

The Challenge
The challenge is to create a new readers community by publishing the completely new site and also to get new subscriptors and supporters for the whole project.

The Solution
We propose a consistent and unified experience across all sections. We also propouse to let the readers read a minimum of two articles of the print magazine, and the user interface provides a visible call action for buying the complete magazine.

After one year of the first launch of the site, the client has a very good internet position and has increased his sellings and his subscriptions.

My work was to lead the project from research to development, working  closely to engineering, marketing and curatorial teams.

In terms of don’t lose the personality of the project we decided to refurbish and keep the 70’s logotype, and to design a classic column grid with clear and pre established content blocks.

The grid of the page has a total width of 90% of the desktop screens and the 98% of the mobiles. The goal was to get a comfortable reading experience with a medium and big font size.

The selected typography for the whole page was Museo Slab (from Exljbris) for headings and  Roboto Sans Regular (from Christian Robertson) for the body text. With this selection, we got a modern/classic look&feel with a high legibility global aspect.

The front-end was built up with Foundation library and the back office system was made using WordPress.