projects / Roca Bathrooms. Product catalog website

Capabilities: UI - UX design lead. Fron-end development

  • Client: Roca Sanitario
  • Indusatry: Sanitary. Furniture
  • Year: 2013-2016


Roca Bathrooms is one of the biggest companies of the world in sanitary and bathroom furniture.

From 2010 to 2013 I worked in the company as a lead UI-UX designer, and developing the first version of its online product catalogue for 40 markets and 20 languages. The first version of the site was published in 2012.

By working for Jamgo, from 2013 to 2016, I was involved in a iterative process and continuous testing in order to improve the whole site.

The project
The team of the project was composed by Marketing stakeholders and key users, IT leads and with SEO consultors. During the first year of the project I was working in the definition, strategy and UI UX design of the site (capturing multi-disciplinary requirements in workshops with stakeholders and users, and translating them into annotated wireframes, screen-flow diagrams, and complete design compositions).

The challenge
Providing a consistent information architecture for the complete catalogue. Also ensuring a unified behaviour and a coherent look and feel across the 40 catalog sites.

The solution
The final solution was to articulate three main paths in order to move the user to the product pages. Accordignly, we shaped different views of the same content: the product catalog view, the filtered search view, and the aspirational marketing view, based on ambient situations and collections. The site has a resposive version, with some content simplifications and with a hamburger icon menu.

We provided different solutions in order to get a consistent navigation across the sites. Most important:

Top bar with a dropdown menu (with the 40 markets selection).
Main menu (based on a type of mega menu).
The myRoca menu (in order to get the user choices).
Accordions blocks (to show or hide large blocks of contents).

During 2016 I was involved in the evolution of the site, working in the user interface design area with marketing stakeholders. (see the last update: 2016 –