projects / Urbanchef, private chef platform

Capabilities: Identity design - Art direction - UI UX design

  • Client: Urbanchefs
  • Indusatry: Restauration. Digital Entrepreneurship.
  • Year: 2016

VIEW SITE is a platform launched in september of 2016 and based in Barcelona. The aim of this brand is to offer to his clients a complete food experience by choosing online quality menus and a professional chefs. Chefs are contracted for preparing the whole menu at client’s homes and for offering a complete food culture experience.

Client brief
After the first year of product life cycle, the client decided to evolve his business model, with an amount of about 30 new menus well designed and structured on three restauration categories: Mediterranean, Exotic and Healthy.

The challenge
The aim of the project was to improve the conversion ratio of the page.

The client ask Jamgo to work in the whole design process: 1. The global design thinking and the complete redesign of the Urbanchef brand identity 2. The user interface and user experience design 3. The front-end development.

The solution
We delivered intuitive and visually compelling designs across the whole navigation of the product catalogue page.
We based the project in three principal pages, by creating two main landing pages, with a whole picture of the UC offer, and also by setting a very visual and clean product page (the menu pages) with a friendly and intuitive user experience.

The home page has a full size video and is designed to engage users with a quick button located at the top front of the page. The aim is to move forward the users to the menu page.

Menu page
This page is the complete product catalogue of UC with a category filter located on the top page. The page is both visual -with big gallery images- and very informative, with the plates that compose each menu.

Product page
This page has a big product picture with a typographic menu description and a right block for contracting the service setting the 90% of the required information. This block had to keep his position fixed on the page, in terms of don’t lose the focus of the user.

I was committed to design the site and the experience thinking in terms of mobile first, by working like this we got a nice user experience in different screen sizes.

The selected typographies were Roboto Condensed for headings and Roboto Regular for the body text. Roboto provides a modern look&feel with a high legibility approach.